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Lawrence Russell writes about DUNE for Culture Court:

DUNE contains the haunting southwest border-country flamenco music Ottmar & his band Luna Negra are famous for. This isn't old school flamenco, here acoustic guitar mixes with electric, with gypsy accordion & electric bass, hand clapping, funky drum-boxing & percussion. No rain in this music, just poetic sunshine at midnight.

Some background on the music - from my online diary:


1. Falling In 0:43
2. Shadow 4:10 Shadow
3. Horse 7:02 Horse
4. Bridge, Part 1 6:44
5. Bridge, Part 2 2:54
6. Sand (Apophenia) 4:58
7. Prelude: Dancing Alone 2:05
8. Dancing Alone 5:07
9. Smoke (Rising in Spirals) 5:32 Smoke (Rising in Spirals)
10. On the Road to Shiraz 6:39
11. Five Clouds, Lenticular 4:34
12. Night Exhales 6:58 Night Exhales
13. Horse Return 1:15
14. Moon Fragrance 7:51
15. Sliding Out 1:31

Writing + Publishing

All music written by OL.
Published by Luna Negra Music/BMI + administered by Holland Walk Muse


Producer: OL 4 SSRI

Engineer: OL + Jon Gagan

Studio: Oto-Mare + The Electric Company, Santa Fe

Mastering: OL @ Oto-Mare

Mixed by: OL @ Oto-Mare

Mix Medium: Digital

Record Medium: 24/88.2kHz Digital

OL - Guitars, Palmas + Drums
Jon Gagan - Basses, Keyboards + Sound Design
Char Rothschild - Accordion
Robby Rothschild - Percussion
Chris Steele - Percussion
Andrew Gaskins - Treatments + Sound Design

Photography: Mike Lane + OL 
Design: OL
Layout: Matt Gannon