Camera Angles

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Angle #1: USB camera attached to a microphone stand with a rubberband:

Angle #2: USB camera on the floor, held in place with gaff tape:

The main camera was the one in my laptop, most likely the best camera in the bunch.

I was a little worried about the laptop handling three cameras. The processor of my 2015 MacBook was groaning under the load and the fan was running the whole time, but the microphone did a good job of capturing only the guitar. The Earthworks SR40 is an amazing microphone and has been my mic of choice for several years now.

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Camera angles were brilliant. Next thing is for you to smile at us and say Hi There.. A couple of moments felt like you wanted to say something.

    It was warm when you looked up and sweetly smiled at some nice person as you took a sip of red wine.

    I loved so much everything.


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