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Monday I watched an episode of Parts Unknown, the one from season 11 called Newfoundland.

Tweet by @David_Rudnick on Jun 8, 2018

RIP Anthony Bourdain. One of my biggest fears is that we’re creating a world that can only be endured by those who shut out their sensitivity and empathy, and those who choose to find ways to live through them, as Bourdain did, do so at tremendous risk. Take care of one another

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Oh, Tony, Tony, Tony Bourdain! He was a light in this world. I still weep when I watch his wonderful, clever and often disturbing shows. I miss him!

    I don’t quite understand the tweet by David Rudnick. I don’t know how I would shut out sensitivity and empathy. One who loves music and beauty could not lose that part of themselves. I can see that if one did get overwhelmed with those who somehow have shut out sensitivity and sensibility, he would be at risk of losing the joy of living and might seek dying. But I’m not worldly enough. I could not believe the news the day Anthony Bourdain died, and how could he possibly have commited suicide!?! I don’t want to know something that private; it appeared he had a great life going for him. But the question, “Why, why, why” burns unrelenting.


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