Face Masks

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I bought a pack of these today.

Our 3-Pack face mask is made of 100% cotton and features an adjustable nose that you can form to the contours of your face. 2 straps to be worn around the head and neck that can be tied and tightened to preferred fit. Mask is made of a thick French Terry fabric constructed of 3 yarns, weighing no less than 12 ounces per sq yard (400 GSM). Fabric is laundered prior to construction.

* All consumer purchases of the FACEMASK help fund our ability to donate masks to other essential services while providing living wages and supporting vertically integrated US manufacturing.


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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Good on ya, Ottmar. I made a mask by fan-folding a paper towel then stapling a rubber band to each end to go around ears (saw on FaceBook).

    My husband wore it to the medical lab where he had to get a test (not covid). The nurse, seeing the makeshift mask, gave him a handful of real masks. Yeah – a welcome gift. (Test results were good news.)

    So we always wear masks to the grocery store, not going anywhere else. We got more than a 6-week supply of food this week and proudly wore our masks.


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