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02019-07-16 | Ottmar, Santa Fe | 9 comments

This morning I took a loaf of bread to my friend who owns a local bike shop. He was sitting with another friend of his and we started talking about bread. His friend told me he is thinking of building a wood-fired oven for baking bread. I said I would love to learn how to bake in that kind of oven.

Then my friend’s friend asked me what my name is and I said Ottmar. He didn’t understand so I repeated my name.

Then he said oh, Ottmar, like Ottmar Liebert… except you can’t play guitar. Exactly, I replied.

I left and laughed all the way home… :-)

Since posting this I have heard two other stories, but I don’t know whether they are true or just musician lore. The first one concerns Johnny Cash who was in a bar when another man told him he resembled Johnny Cash. The reply was I am Johnny Cash. No you’re not. But I am. You can’t be. Back and forth… and then Johnny Cash was slugged by the other men for impersonating the great Johnny Cash. It’s sounds so outlandish that it just might be true!

The second story is about Christopher Cross. A TSA officer told him that he looked like Christopher Cross. Yeah, I heard that before. The TSA officer ended with, it’s so sad that he passed away. Oops.


  1. Y.

    The first letters of the title of this post make, “LOL”.

    • ottmar

      I wish I could say I knew that!

  2. Ann Landis

    Funny indeed, live laugh and bake bread..then maybe learn to play the

  3. Lynne Rouillard

    Fun & funny! Looking forward to seeing Ottmar (i.e. the one who plays guitar…”LOL”…) in concert. . . .
    [Lobero Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA, Sept. 15, 2019]

  4. jane katz

    Ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho hee hee hee hee! Love this anecdote! Sebastian, what a hoot is Mr. Bean’s story, and right on!

    Ottmar, it occurs to me to ask whether you need any administrative support in getting your album out. I did a great job at NASA for 20 years before I moved to Santa Fe. (No monetary compensation required.)

  5. Laura Watt

    Hi Ottmar! I have a friend from Munich who recently moved to Santa Fe and I think he and his wife would love to meet you. I just sent you an email about this.

  6. Jane Katz

    How many people are mistaken for a celebrity and go ahead and accept and enjoy the error!

  7. Dave Kirschner

    Have you thought about taking up playing the guitar? ;-)


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