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I found out last night that Carl died of a heart attack on April 17th. I am shocked and don’t know what to say, so I’ll post a few photos I took of Carl in the Nineties.
Carl Coletti Portrait
Carl and his Kit  1
Carl Coletti
Carl Strikes a Pose
Carl in Bus Wheel
Carl through the Glass
Jon and Carl Underground


  1. Jack

    Carl moved to Duxbury Massachusetts in his senior year of high school. I immediately recognised him as “A Cool Kid” and he was soon in a group of long time friends like he had always been their. I was a musician so we jammed. We were blown away. He had his journal even back then and would doodle and write poetry and record the iconic events of each day and share in a humerous way. We went to cool places and played music. His drumsticks always in his back pocket. His lust for life and new experiences were exhilarating and inspiring. We drifted apart after high school as he went on to pursue his dream as a professional musician. The amount of friends he gathered and people’s life’s he touch in that 1 short year were a lifetime for most people. Looking back every one who met him wanted to be his friend and part of his life. He had a personality like a black hole and the gravity of his spirit just wanted to suck you in. The class of 1980 at Duxbury High School was honored and it was a privledge to be one of his close friends only for a brief moment in his travels. His family must be devastated at the vacuum that his loss has created so please support them everyday with his memory.
    Jack Ryan, Duxbury, Massachusetts
    April 23, 2016
    So sorry to hear of Carl’s passing. I didn’t know him well, our father’s were good friends in college. I remember him from when we were little kids. My thoughts and prayers go to his family.
    Marcia Leva, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
    March 24, 2016
    My brother! I found you here too! Rock on…you are so the man.
    Matthew J, Oakland, California
    November 11, 2015
    I met Carl through his father and was always keenly interested in how well he was doing in a very competitive field. My first recollection being his band competing in a Battle of the Bands, w/ The Neighborhoods? and my latest being his playing with Ottmar Leibert. Father and son were on two different wave lengths music-wise but I know Barry was very proud of him. My heart goes out to all family. Bless you Carl, you are missed I’m sure.
    tom swensson, hyannis, Massachusetts
    August 09, 2015

    I met Carl when he became a member Of The Neighborhoods……down to earth guy, I remember playing pool with him at The Ocean Mist. Carl was a master when it came to pounding the skins. I was saddened to hear of his untimely passing. My thought and prayers are with his entire family, may God Bless you all. R.I.P. Carl
    David “The Wave” Dutra, New Bedford, Massachusetts
    August 01, 2015
    Carl loved to share…. My best memory of Carl was from a while ago. I remember we may have been at Carl’s brother Tim’s house. One of the great things was Carl loved to share music. I can see him now reaching into his nap sack and taking out a tape of the music he was into at the time and then he shared the music with everyone on his portable cassette player. I am am glad to have had experienced that. And I love to think he is sharing the music still…RIP
    Maria Mahoney, Abington, Massachusetts
    July 31, 2015
    What a great tribute to a great human :-)
    Sue brooks, Brewster, Massachusetts
    July 31, 2015
    “A flat flip fly’s straight” love you Carl.
    Brian Sennikoff, Arizona
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  2. ember klein-coletti

    I’m Carl’s daughter, Ember, and I love these photos. If you have anymore please reach out and send them to me!!

    • Tim

      Hey to you Em! Love you!

  3. Brian

    Love and miss that guy

  4. Tim Coletti

    I just came across these today and I am profoundly touched by these beautiful tributes to Carl. Much Love to you all!

    • Julie

      Just seeing this now! Beautiful tribute. Carl was my cousin.

      • ottmar

        I don’t think there is a tour that goes by without one of us talking about Carl.


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