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Which song from the upcoming album do you want me to make available as a download? The one that gets the most votes will become this Friday download. Write the title of your selection in a comment. Here is the tracklist:

01. Barcelona Nights
02. Isla del Sol
03. 2 the Night
04. Dancing Under the Moon
05. Heart Still/Beating
06. Reaching Out 2 U
07. Santa Fe
08. Borrasca
09. Turkish Night
10. La Rosa Negra
11. Havana Club
12. Snakecharmer
13. Morning Arrival in Goa

We are still on track to have the new CD available during the May tour. And if you can’t make it to one of the concerts, Somerset will release their version (jewel case, different design) of the album sometime in June. It will be available in Target stores, like the 2009 release Spanish Sun.


  1. Carol Anderson

    My dream ia to have the music both ways.. any of those would be perfect for a download, but I’ll vote for
    13. Morning Arrival in Goa.
    I look forward to your music like I used to look forward to Christmas.

  2. Luz

    I’m with Carol on Morning Arrival in Goa but a close second would be La Rosa Negra.

  3. Adam Solomon

    My vote’s for Borrasca – a good track and one we haven’t heard too many versions of.

  4. Felipe

    My vote is for Havana Club – good memories

  5. Franklyn

    Heart Still/Beating

  6. marijose

    What Carol said and I also vote fore Morning Arrival in Goa. Thanks!

  7. dave


  8. Ulrich

    Heart Still/Beating – please

  9. Guy

    Morning Arrival in Goa… how many times can I vote?? HA! HA!

  10. LindaW

    Morning arrival in Goa!

  11. Adam Solomon

    OL you said it won’t be available for online download, right? Not sure how I’ll get it shipped out to the UK so a download option would be nice.

  12. Franklyn

    Ulrich you are right!

    Heart Still/Beating – please

  13. ottmar

    Morning Arrival is leading so far…

    Adam – That is correct. The album will not be available for download from us until 2014, when our deal with Somerset expires. Don’t know whether they have a download strategy or whether they will do CDs only. But, lucky for you the postal service still works between the US and the UK – if you can find somebody who will buy the CD at our show or at Target.

  14. Kaz

    Snakecharmer 4 me! Good luck to ‘Morning arrival in Goa’ Big lead!! Their all great anyways! I guess I’ll have to make my way down again from Canada. Any excuse 2 c u again!! I hope the cousins make it through the border this time! ;)

  15. Scott


  16. Boris

    Morning Arrival, since it is one of my all-time favs. But I hear Adam on Borrasca…

  17. Ottmar

    The tally so far:
    Morning Arrival in Goa – 7 votes
    Heart Still/Beating – 3 votes
    Snakecharmer – 2 votes

    perhaps we should keep the vote open until Sunday and I will have the track with the most votes available for you on Monday morning.

  18. Carol Anderson

    and we can’t order the album from you?

  19. Adam Solomon

    Hmm, in light of the vote tally could I switch from Borrasca to Snakecharmer, por favor?

    Also – “postal service”? :)

  20. Brenda

    Morning Arrival in Goa

  21. Ottmar

    Carol: No, our CD will only be available at concerts. It will not be available from our online CD store or the download store.

    Adam: Changing vote to Snakecharmer acknowledged. I LOVE the postal service. As I have mentioned before I do write letters to friends by hand and love when I find letters from them in my mailbox. Why, I just wrote one yesterday evening and marveled at the joy it brings.

  22. Boris

    I understand why Adam wondered about “postal service”, he does not even know how to take a train!! ;-) (Just kidding!)

  23. Günter

    Morning Arrival in Goa.
    For me too, it is one of my all time favourits.

  24. Felipe

    Nobody has seconded Havana Club :(

  25. Vic

    Heart Still/Beating

  26. Adam Solomon

    Agreed on letter-writing. It’s a very nice personal touch and the fact that it’s so rare today only magnifies the gesture. Not that I’ve been very good about this myself!

    This vote is very interesting. I wonder how the results might change if we had a method of ranking votes for multiple songs. One might ask what the best method of doing such a ranked vote is, and the answer is none of them:


  27. Victor

    Herat Still/Beating and Santa Fe

  28. Ottmar

    Morning Arrival in Goa – 9 votes
    Heart Still/Beating – 5 votes
    Snakecharmer – 3 votes

    Am uploading Morning Arrival in Goa as I am typing this

  29. Ottmar

    I guess we will need to add Morning Arrival in Goa to our setlist this Summer!!!


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