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Argentina 0-4 Germany | World Cup 2010 match report | Football | guardian.co.uk
If it had indeed been the will of God that Argentina should claim this World Cup, then Diego Maradona must feel utterly abandoned now. Germany’s staggering and irresistible progress through this tournament has propelled them yet again beyond fancied opposition. This was a slaughter to leave El Diego numbed and close to tears on the touchline. His dream has died.

Once again Warren Ellis provided his own coverage of the game here and here and here.


  1. Carol

    I wish we could watch the entire season of soccer in English since that’s the only language I understand. I just saw Spain win over Paraguay. I wish American players could express their feelings like those players do. I really believe ‘big boys can cry’.

  2. Joe

    Maradona is not a good role model so thank you Germany for beating Argentina!

  3. marijose

    My parents and sister are flying into Madrid on Wednesday in time for either a huge post-game party or a national day of mourning…

  4. Boris

    @ Marijose :-) If that specific case comes true, I hope the mourning will be endurable. It is the last 4 now, that is already quite a bit. Spain still has the team who plays the best and most attractive football at the moment. Maybe a little lack of inspiration in comparison with 2008. So far.

    I hope some of you noticed that Germany has players now of turkish, polish, iranian, ghanaen and brazilian origins. Born or raised in Germany. They make the team truely better.

  5. marijose

    As you know, the mourning would not last very long. I think they are preparing in advance. The German team is definitely strong and it’s great to see so much diversity. Here is a nice story and video from one of our local high schools about another diverse sports team: http://www.washingtonian.com/articles/people/13903.html

  6. Adam Solomon

    Fútbol madness is in full swing here in Granada. The night they beat Paraguay I was out with some local flamencos singing bulerías at various bars until 6:30 in the morning (and they were still going strong!). I like to think they were celebrating the victory, but they’d probably have been out having a fiesta no matter what.

  7. Boris

    A Dutch is living one floor above me. Really nice guy. Pinned a sticker at the door of my flat about how he respects the “new” German style but that it would only last until the finals where Germany would meet the Netherlands. We chatted the day before the Argentina match and I told him if both our teams would advance to the finals, I would be happy if Germany comes in second. Simply because I never expected such an exploit of our team. Germany losing to the Netherlands is hardly imaginable for most German football fans. Better losing to Spain, if at all. :-)


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