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The first half of our concert in Clearwater, Florida, on 6 December, 2005. Here is a link to the entry from that day.

OL – guitars
Jon Gagan – electric bass guitars, synthesizer + string-arrangements
David Bryant – percussion
Carla Ecker – violin
Alexis Velasquez – violin
Carla Lehmeyer – cello
James Shaw – viola

You can download the 320kbps mp3 file here.

Here are two photos from that day in Clearwater:

The second image was captured by Stephen Duros, who was our Lighting Designer in 2005 and joined the band in 2006.


  1. Mark

    Thank you so much for this. I love hearing a live performance.
    On a side note: Have you ever thought of doing something like or with Brian Eno? Maybe something ambient?

  2. ottmar

    You are welcome, Mark! Do something with Eno? Sure. Also Sakamoto or David Sylvian. Or heck, with all three.

  3. Jason

    Wow! Truly fantastic recording, thanks so much for posting Ottmar. J

  4. Matt Callahan

    I remember desperately trying to figure a way to get to the east coast to catch one of these shows.

  5. Boris

    It was worth the jump over the pond. And flying with Singapore Airlines was not bad either.

  6. yumi

    Silence: Very touching moment with the audience acknowledging the solo guitar.

  7. Mark

    Just found this by scrolling back through old posts, love the feeling that the violins add, Bueno! Any chance of making the link to download live again? This would be wonderful to listen on my headphones!

  8. Adam Solomon

    The moment when the strings came in during the “bulería” bit of Silence during that winter tour has to have been one of my OL tour moments. I went to two or three shows on that tour and am so glad I did! Boris, that was when you came to visit, no?

    (Yes, I’m aware this is nearly a year late. I was in Spain when this was posted and never got around to listening to the recording until now!)

    I love that some of the live shows are being posted in their entirety. I’m in agreement with Mark that I would be gladly willing to pay for more of these when the diary has expired!


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