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If you are wondering whether you should order the regular audio CD or the HD FLAC-pack, please check out my earlier posts Data vs. Audio and Digital Audio Recap.

Video interview: photographer Antonin Kratochvil – lens culture
In this interview, photographer Antonin Kratochvil takes us on a very personal 20-year journey, showing photographs from his travels and assignments all over the world. He gives us a glimpse of what his eyes have seen that may now be gone forever. This is a story about loss; the physical loss of place, loss of freedom, historical loss, and the loss of our responsibility as human beings to care for each other and the world in which we live. His new photobook, Vanishing, does not offer answers, neither is it a sermon in hopes of brighter days. It is Antonin’s visual poem to the world we inhabit.

Made diner for Antonin a couple of years ago , and here is another entry about him.

– Good evening gentleman/ladies. get your…
Good evening gentleman/ladies.
1. get your girl/boy and cuddle up.
2. open 3 tabs.
3. turn up the speakers.
4. background noise on the first tab.
5. smooth jams on another tab.
6. watch an awesome fire on the last.


Curators and Explainers
As more governments open their data, journalists lose privileged status as gatekeepers of information – but the need for their work as curators and explainers increases. The more data that’s available in the world, the more essential it is for somebody to make sense of it.
– Adrian Holovaty, founder of EveryBlock

(Via swissmiss)

There is that word again. Curator. Whether it is political information or music… I think Brian Eno talked about the need of curators due to the amount of information more than a decade ago. I think he mentioned it in his 1995 diary and several interviews.
UK photographer Brian Duffy died last week. He was one of the most famous photographers of the Sixties, together with David Bailey and Terence Donovan. You can read more about him here.

John Lennon by Duffy, William Burroughs by Duffy, let’s hope nobody breaks in front of that scooter-ist, and I love this pic from Florence in 1964.

BBC News – Adobe acknowledges critical security flaw in software
Adobe has acknowledged a “critical” security flaw in its Reader, Acrobat and Flash Player software.

Adobe says the vulnerability potentially enables hackers to take control of affected computer systems.

Users running Windows, Macintosh or Linux might all be open to attack.

The company is working to fix the problem. In the meantime, users of Reader, Acrobat and Flash are advised to ensure their anti-virus software is up to date.

“It doesn’t really get any worse than a ‘zero-day’ vulnerability like this,” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, a security software company.

He said that hackers could create a “booby-trapped Flash animation, or PDF” that would give them access to a person’s computer, potentially allowing them to harvest personal information or use the machine to send spam messages.

Ha!! Wonder whether Steve Jobs will have a couple of jokes about Flash in today’s WWDC keynote! It has to be embrassing for Adobe.
Sunday Morning. Like a leaf in the tree, her love blows over me – The Traveling Wilburys. Great album. George the cat came home for the first time in three days. Glad to see him back. I thought a coyote had made off with him. Made pancakes from scratch, but didn’t like the the taste. I think the recipe called for too much baking powder and too much salt. Showed my son this video of El Bulli:

Then we looked at Tetsuya’s cookbook together and I told him about my visits there.

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