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Live at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas, 2004-10-08.
The band:
OL – guitar
Jon Gagan – fretless electric bass guitar + synthesizer
Ron Wagner – percussion
Robby Rothschild – percussion

This is the entire first half of the concert. The setlist:
Bulerias/Duende del Amor (Solo Para Ti)
Heart Still/Beating (NF and The SFe Sessions)
La Luna (La Semana)
Querencia (In the Arms of Love)/Spring Rain (La Semana)/New Horizon (Transit)
UnderWorld/Cocteau (La Semana)
Sao Paulo (The SFe Sessions and Nouveaumatic)

You can download the 320kbps mp3 file here – the file is 117MB in size.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Oh I remember this tour. Good stuff. Thanks for posting, glad Weds Music is back :)

  2. dave

    Nice “little” tidbit to round out the day.

  3. Bill

    Very Very Nice. Thank You

  4. Matt Callahan

    This is on the CD player right now, blending nicely with the buzz of crickets from outside. Which kind of makes me want to see you perform at an outdoor venue.


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