Solo Para Ti

We filmed a video for the song Reaching Out 2 U in Santa Fe in February of 1992. You can find it on iTunes.

Previews are high quality stereo, but limited to 2 minutes.

  • “Solo Para Ti”

    Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra

    Epic Records 047848 (1992)

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1. When I'm With You/Everything I Ever N... 4:51
2. Reaching Out 2 U (Todos Bajo La Misma... 4:57 Reaching Out 2 U (Todos Bajo La Misma...
3. Merengue de Alegrias (Candy 4 My Soul) 4:57 Merengue de Alegrias (Candy 4 My Soul)
4. Deep In Your Heart 4:26 Deep In Your Heart
5. Danza Viva (My Heart Grows Wings) 3:16
6. Promise (Beyond the Mountains) 5:04
7. Samba Pa Ti (Thru Every Step In Life ... 4:14 Samba Pa Ti (Thru Every Step In Life ...
8. Lila Sun (Bossa 4 Love) 5:16
9. Black Hair In The Wind 3:44
10. Duende Del Amor (Day) 4:08
11. Duende Del Amor (Night) 1:17
12. Dawn In A New World 4:21
13. Whispering Hills (Lullaby 4 Mandarine) 2:41
14. Arrow w/o Destination 3:32

Writing + Publishing

All music written by OL. Published by Sony ATV Songs/Luna Negra Music/BMI.
Except "Samba Pa Ti", which was written by Carlos Santana + published by Careers-BMG Music Pub Inc/BMI


Producer: OL + Domenico Camardella

Engineer: Domenico Camardella

Studio: Sound Design in Santa Barbara, CA

Mastering: Doug Sax @ The Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA

Mixed by: OL + Domenico Camardella

Mix Medium: DAT

Record Medium: 2" 24-Track Analog

OL - Flamenco Guitar
Jon Gagan - Bass, Synthesizer + Piano
Davo Bryant - Drums, Percussion + Palmas


Carlos Santana - Electric Guitar
Joey Bradley - Voice + Words
Domenico Camardella - Piano
Stefan Liebert - Keyboards
Jeff Elliott - Trumpet
Gary Meek - Alto + Tenor Saxophones
Gilles Apap - Violin
Kirsten Monk - Viola
Holly Reeves - Cello

Horn arrangements by Jeff Elliott, Gary Meek, Domenico Camardella + Stefan Liebert
String arrengement by Domenico Camardella + Jon Gagan