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This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies

This is a large AIFF file, nearly 200MB. The audio is 24/96. Read more about it here and here. You can download it here.

Since then the One Guitar album has become available in 24/96 quality from

You might also want to check out my Digital Audio Recap, which you can find here.

Untitled Rumba

from the original post a year ago:

Here is a piece called Untitled Rumba. And yes, it might sound familiar to you as an old version of it can be found in the ListeningLounge. However, Jon and I worked on it recently (((for a compilation CD))) and this here is the result:

You can download the high quality 320 kbps mp3 version here.

This track can be found as Remba on the Spanish Sun compilation that is available at Target.


  1. Panj

    LOVE it…:-)))

  2. Gudrun

    Great!! I never forget the Untitled Rumba – it was the first piece I had downloaded from your Listening Lounge …:-)


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