Monday in Santa Fe

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Dezeen: 111 Navy Chair by Emeco
Aluminium furniture brand Emeco will launch a new version of its iconic Navy Chair in Milan next month, made of recycled plastic Coca-Cola bottles.

I love Emeco and use their chair on stage. The aluminium chairs are also 90% recycled and carry a warranty of 150 years.
iPhone app for bikers:

… a simple app for analyzing the tooth count of your chain-ring and cog to calculate the gear inches for your said bike. basically sums up just how hard it’s going to be to turn over the cranks of your custom fixed gear. also calculates what a typical average 90rpm pedal pushing would top you out at speed wise for the gear configuration you have.

Find it here.
Austraian designer Marc Newson designed a beautiful hour-glass. You can find more info at Ikepod by Marc Newson. I love this renewed interest in the old ways: calligraphy, the hourglass with its beautiful visualization of time, bicycles (((which a Chinese historian claims to be a 2,500 year old Chinese invention…))). I think there is great value in this. It acts to balance the digital age.

You can download the image here – I am using it as the wallpaper on my iPhone.
Check out this beautiful post on new bohemia, in response to my challenge from last Thursday.
Back to the studio. I want to finish all of the mixes this week.


  1. Brenda

    Ottmar, thank you sharing your drive and discipline. It is very motivating. Appreciate it much. Thanks so much for inviting us.

  2. Brenda

    Yumi, your work is always filled with beauty. Thanks for how you compliment Ottmar.


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