Friday in Santa Fe

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Everyone prefers Mix1. I do to. The sense of spaciousness is amazing with the three instruments arranged like that.
The January Slideshow is up. Image 1 through 16 are from the Florida tour, followed by Santa Fe Winter photos. Please click on the Fullscreen symbol on the right side above the image.
Last year (((or was it in 2008?))) my friend Joe Mozdzen took a few photos of me in San Juan Capistrano (((come to think of it, it might have been September 12, 2008 – like this photo of Stephen))) for a publication which no longer exists. Because of that Joe was able to send me some of the photos he took that day. So interesting how different the B&W and color versions look!!


  1. Carol

    I’m surprised I prefer the B&W one. It’s a deeper you with no distractions if you know what I mean..
    Of course, I like the other one too.

  2. Brenda

    Cool January Slideshow! Like the fade to sharp focus and Yes, I sure like your just sitting, waiting, I am ready to perform portrait. Color for promo and the black and white when you arrive at your destination for autographs. :)


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