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Most folks do not know how touring works. They wonder when we will come to their city or to a certain venue. Maybe this will help.

A promoter is the individual or entity, e.g. a Performing Arts Center or House of Blues, who puts on a concert. They engage an artist, rent a hall – unless the venue is the promoter – place advertisements in local papers and radio stations, set up interviews, hire a local crew to help us prepare the stage, provide catering and so on.

We don’t promote concerts. Local knowledge, connections and experience are extremely important.

Therefore we depend on local promoters to make us an offer, which usually works like this: the promoter contacts my agent. They agree on terms and discuss the timing with my manager, since routing is very important in order not to waste diesel and time.

When people ask me when will we play in this or that city I always encourage them to contact a venue they like and ask that venue, or the promoter, or festival to invite us. Our contact information can be found here.


  1. dave

    When is the trio going to play at my house? ;-)

  2. Ottmar

    Live or on CD? Do you have bus parking?

  3. dave

    Oh, I think we could make room for a bus.

  4. steve

    I have shore power at my house :^)

  5. LindaW

    heck, I cant even afford a private performance.. (according to recent Upaya auction.. market valued at $35???). So I dream!

    Any nibbles from Santa Fe promoters this year??

  6. Brenda

    Honesty and Hospitality should be #1 Trait of the Promotor, is that correct Ottmar?

  7. Ottmar

    Steve: shore power is a definite plus in our book!

    Linda: we played at the Lensic not even a year ago, actually it’s been just a little over half a year

    Brenda: actually the #1 trait of a promoter is a check that doesn’t bounce, or cash. Honesty and hospitality is a plus, of course, but it is as rare of a trait in promoters as it is with everyone else.

  8. Brenda

    yes, Ottmar – I agree it is rare but Truth/Honesty is still an attainable value today. That was the broad stroke for the word Honesty and Yes, the CASH PAYMENT pays the bills and you you plan/hope for a profit.
    Yes, your Promoter definition is appreciated – awe immensely!

  9. Naheed Ismail

    Does this apply to solo shows as well?

    It has been a while since you came to Minneapolis. I will ask the local promoters to contact you for a perfomance at this venue

  10. Ottmar

    Naheed Ismail: Yes, it applies to all performances. It has indeed been a while since we played in Minneapolis! Too long!

  11. Brenda

    Promoters also must have SPONSERS for funding.

  12. Ottmar

    Brenda: Yes, but nearly all performances have sponsors of some sort now, from classical to hip-hop. In addition, most big touring acts have their own sponsorships, and hang banners around the venue, something that has always made me cringe.

    There is a certain amount of risk involved, of course, but when a show sells out, or almost sells out, a promoter stands to makes a nice bundle of money.

    Unfortunately, over the last decade and a half many of the great indie promoters were bought out by Live Nation, which subsequently became the largest promoter in the world.

    Even large promoters like Bill Graham Presents in the Bay Area now belong to Live Nation.

    We like to work with independent promoters, since one can get lost among the huge mega-tours at Live Nation. Of course we do play some Live Nation venues. House of Blues clubs are Live Nation, as was the concert in San Antonio last Summer, as was Villa Montalvo in September and anything promoted by BGP.

  13. Carol

    I still dream that you will once again have a concert in Minneapolis or St. Paul. That was wonderful… maybe 7 hours away. But I have a son living in St. Cloud who likes your music too, so I’m ready to hop in the sar anytime.

  14. Carol

    Whoops !Preferably a car :)

  15. Brenda

    Ottmar: Thanks for all your insight and experience shared regarding promoter’s. Appreciate it. I agree with what you stated “a promoter stands to makes a nice bundle of money.” To Promote though, for a 501C3 or Non-Profit, is beyond a bundle of money. It is passion driven by a volunteer spirit to create a bundle of positive change in themselves, their community, and the world. It is not For Sale, it is somethng that money can not buy. A Non-profit Volunteer Board does receive funding through sponsorships and is thankful for the funding so they may in turn engage entertainment for an event. For me, always looking for sponsorships to bring you to perform in my home town. I am looking forward to that day. :)


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