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Check out the kick drum Steve Jordan is using in this video. I asked Michael about it this Morning and he explained to me that Jordan combines this unusual kick by Yamaha, called Daxdad, with this Yamaha subkick, which looks like a snare, but contains a speaker – housing a 16 cm, 50-watt low-frequency driver cone. The “reversed speaker” acts as a large diaphragm microphone and enables the Subkick to faithfully capture extremely low frequencies produced by bass drums.

This Morning browsing somehow led me to this, John Mayer’s well-written analasys of a smear-video. It’s a must-read and speaks volumes about how easy it is to manipulate people’s feelings.

Gear was shipped off to Florida yesterday Morning. Following that I went to breakfast with Jon. Maybe because today is the last day of 2009, and the end of the first decade of the 21st century, or maybe because it is something I have been contemplating for a while, but we talked about this:

In order for an individual to pursue a spiritual calling of any kind, most of the time that person must have at least two things taken care of: food and warmth.

I believe a human being who is cold will burn the last tree and a human who is hungry will eat the last of a threatened species. Perhaps that’s why humans were so successful (((too successful, and therefore ruinous to this biosphere, some might say))) on this planet.

It is hard to feel compassion when one is hungry and/or cold. Don’t get me wrong, many people have shown compassion to their fellow humans under extreme circumstances, but it is rather difficult and rare.

As below, so above…

It also seems to me that Climate Change is a similar matter, where the nations who, by and large, have food and warmth, should help the nations who don’t. It is difficult to care about the environment when one doesn’t have food for one’s family.

So, my wish for the new year is for us to be compassionate, towards individual humans as well as to other nations. And you might check out the Charter for Compassion.

After all, this is just a small biosphere hurtling through space. And as far as we know, there is no planet B.

I wish you a harmonious new year and new decade. Happy New Year!

Chile lights reflected in a Nambe bowl.

Life is like the footprint left by a solitary crane in the snow,
visible for one moment and then gone.

– wrote Su Dongpo in the eleventh century, quoted in A Loyal Character Dancer, by Qiu Xiaolong, whose Inspector Chen Caso series I am enjoying.

Wednesday night was dark, and clouds made the moon all but invisible. I am hopeful of seeing today’s Blue Moon though, because as I am writing this the sky is blue and nearly cloudless.


  1. dave

    Happy New Year to you, too! No blue moon out here tonight, just clouds & snow.

  2. Carol

    What a beautiful huge moon it is tonight. A better way of bringing in the new year than anything I could think of. Love to all of you in this coming year, for with love all things are better. 2010…ALREADY??

  3. Panj

    Happy New Year to All…with a beautiful Blue Moon in Cancer, introducing us into 2010…MUCH Health and Happiness!!!


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