Monday Medley

02009-10-26 | Music | 4 comments

Here is a medley from a concert in Wilmington, Delaware, in 2004. The band was the quartet with Robby Rothschild and Ron Wagner on Percussion. I had forgotten all about this medley of three songs:

You can download the 320kbps mp3 file here.

After soundcheck that day, I took that photo of Robby alone on stage.


  1. Adam

    Oh, I remember this medley :) That was an awesome tour.

  2. Brenda

    Great Photo! Monday Medley is great listening to start a Tuesday. Thanks!

  3. LindaW

    Wonderful medley Ottmar, thanks so much!

    I like the lush red carpet in the photo! Was this image one of your first DMV? ;-)

  4. Panj

    Thanks for the download…beautiful as usual…:-)
    ,,,and Thanks for that beautiful loop from tail to beginning…just slides right thru…
    which btw…Lava Slide slips right into Wormholes…
    …the single shot of Robby, down the isle with that lush long sloping carpet leading to the lighting at the back, reminded me first of a Churchand then my mind was drawn to thoughts of beautiufl Buddhist-reds…and Pathways…


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