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Here are a few songs from the rehearsal on September 16th, for the trio-concert at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga. These are quick rough mixes that we used to memorize the changes in the set. The snare is a bit too loud and you might notice several mistakes, but I like the energy. In September Dave commented on the trio-version of Heart Still/Beating: a modern mellow version of Cream. Actually, that was some of our inspiration – the old rock trios of guitar, bass and drumkit.

Here is Morning Arrival:

Download Morning Arrival in Goa here.

Serenity on Ultracloud and Borrasca

Download Serenity/Borrasca here.

Here is Firelight:

Download the Firelight mp3 file here.

And this is a new and untitled piece we just started playing. Don’t know how I feel about it yet, but it is fun to play and time will tell.

Download the untitled track here.

I hope this makes up for the lack of music last week. :-)


  1. Victor

    Awesome thanks for the music made my day.

  2. Luz

    I have a big project ahead tomorrow and was stressing out and so I take a quick break and find not one but four wonderful gems! Um, yes this more than makes up for lack of music the past week ….not that you had to in any way. If you could see my smile now! Thanks for making the afternoon ahead much happier!

  3. LindaW

    This is Wonderful! Thank you so much@

  4. dave

    Just made Light Cream playlist on the ipod.

  5. Ottmar

    Half & Half?
    Crème fraîche?

  6. Brenda


  7. Carol

    It’s such an icky cold rainy day out. Now with the magic of your music, it’s all okay again. The day is perfect. And four of them?? Ahhh, thank you, Ottmar.

  8. Adam

    Wow – thanks so much Ottmar!! Unbelievable as always.

  9. dave

    Not too heavy, perhaps?

  10. Panj

    What a wonderful Gift, Ottmar!!! I had just gotten to that point where I was sad that my tephlon brain cannot hold Music and sad that the actual notes from your Concert at Montalvo had slipped into the mists…then…VOILA…there they are once more. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! The Music brings back so many beautiful memories and I hope everyone that attended that magical evening finds these!
    Only one notable thing missing…the Crickets..but that is understandable. Once they heard you guys starting to practice they took off and notified every single buddy within 50 miles…all of whom it seems showed up that night…:-)))
    Thanks Again…(deep curtsy)…we are Blessed!!!

  11. yumi

    “Serenity on Ultracloud and Borrasca” – beautiful together.
    “new and untitled piece” – bright, effervescent.

  12. Adam

    B minor’s a good key, man. Concierto de Aranjuez ftw.

  13. Brenda

    music note
    Waiting to heard
    Patiently waits
    Silence of sound
    Within a Musician.

    Thank you for Ottmar for being a musician.

  14. Max K

    Snare drum can never be too loud, can it??

    ;-) Good stuff. Thanks.

  15. yumi

    Ottmar said, “These are quick rough mixes that we used to memorize the changes in the set. The snare is a bit too loud and you might notice several mistakes, but I like the energy.”

    I think there is sometimes even more beauty in something that is not perfect, or in that creative state that leads to the finished work. That can hold as much, if not more meaning. In this place, you can appreciate not only result, but what it took to get there. In the rough mixes, we get to hear, learn and understand what we already knew…that the process of creating something is meaningful.


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