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Added another answer at the bottom of this post.

Found the following tip somewhere on the interwebs and forwarded it to Mike Middleton, who played trumpet in Luna Negra XL:

Free a tongue stuck to frozen metal in winter. Spray WD-40 on the metal around the tongue.

Since he lives in Texas, he probably doesn’t know about this!

When I arrived in Denver in Thursday, I emailed Ken Wilber. I wrote this:

It occurred to me that the levels and lines in the AQAL diagram are just the beginning, in a way. It seems to me that the lines are not nice and neat and straight, they are messy and mingled and interconnect at weird intervals… are musicians better cooks, do kids who knit learn better, are athletes
who study ballroom dancing more effective movers etc…

What comes next should be fascinating, studying HOW those lines are interconnected and how studying music might improve math – that’s the only way we are going to return music and art ed to our schools!

Today I received an answer from Ken, that is unusually succinct :-)
He replied:


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  1. Carol

    We made the mistake of telling the kids not to put their tongues against metal poles when it was subzero….so of course this little inquisitive girl had to try. I was inside drinking tea and rushed out and loosened her tongue. I don’t think anyone else felt like experimenting with tongues and poles.
    Alway a mistake to use the negatives instead of the positive wording.


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