Tuesday in Santa Barbara

02009-07-14 | Photos | 1 comment

Arrived in Santa Barbara in the early morning hours. Walked down State Street in search of coffee. Was picked up by a friend @ 11:00 and drove to the boonies. Lovely day spent sitting around and talking. Changed strings and played some guitar, but temperatures soared and I didn’t get much done.

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  1. James

    I think the Santa Barbara show was great! Felt very energetic and electrifying (is acoustifying is a word?) to me. I heard many excellent soli. Enjoyed the arrangements with drum kit. What a tight band!
    Bought a t-shirt at the merch stand – nice design – is there any way you can offer an organic cotton option?
    I was going to bring something to sign, but forgot to grab it at the last moment. Will have to wait for the next tour…


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