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At the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano this past May. By Joe Mozdzen.

The furture is near (or is it here?)
Check out these apps for the iPhone.
This is an amazing “remote control” for a Canon DSLR:

onOne Software – DSLR Remote for Canon DSLR Cameras & iPhone
Control Your Canon DSLR With Your iPhone

* Remotely fire your Canon EOS DSLR camera with your iPhone or iPod Touch
* Remotely control the camera settings like shutter-speed, aperture, white-balance and more
* View images saved on the camera from your iPhone or iPod Touch
* Look through your camera’s viewfinder remotely
* Great for remote-firing at sporting events, for kids, and for self-portraits

And this app allows the user to reserve and find a Zip Car – honks the horn for easier location and unlocks the door!

Zipcar iPhone App Makes Car-Sharing A Breeze | Autopia |
Zipcar has joined Apple to make getting a car as easy as using your phone. The pioneering car-share company has developed an iPhone app you can use to choose, reserve and locate a car on the go – a brilliant move, considering one-quarter of the company’s subscribers have an iPhone in their pocket.


  1. James

    Darn, I’ve gotta catch up with the future!

  2. LindaW

    I have to wait until next year when Verizon gets the iPhone. Imagine a fun phone and decent coverage!

    I found a similar camera remote app for Windows Mobile devices, I’m testing it right now.

  3. Ottmar

    James, thanks for turning me on to the Ultrasone headphones. I have come to love them!!

    Linda, I doubt that Apple will make a CDMA iPhone just for Verizon and I understood that we are years away from Verizon going 4G GSM. At first they will add LTE, a GSM data network, to run alongside with their CDMA voice network and only much later will they go all GSM. Do you have new information?

  4. LindaW

    Ottmar: yes actually. Apple and Verizon have been in heavy talks and according to the Verizon support trainer that finally got my Blackberry issue resolved this IS on tap for 2010.

    The talks themselves:

    More on LTE (4G) :

    I had an iPhone when they first came out. I loved the phone itself but could not stand the dropped calls and lack of signal in my home. AT&T didn’t seem to care and told me to go outside to make calls. I decided when the second generation phone came out and they blocked any Go Phone user from upgrading to the new phone that it was time to leave AT&T. I went back to Verizon.

    I am fortunate to still have contacts within Apple and Verizon from my job at Yahoo!. While they aren’t supposed to talk, they do!

  5. Ottmar

    Linda: Here is my take on that. Apple will release a tablet next year and it will come with a Verizon data plan. The iPhone, however, will stay with AT+T for the next couple of years because Verizon won’t have a GSM voice network yet. That’s what my crystal ball says.

  6. LindaW

    Time will tell… I only know that Apple could have done a LOT better in their choice of carrier.

  7. Victor

    There are two new apps for the iPhone that are for Flamenco Compas. Cool little aps. One is called Beat Vibe and the other iFlamenco. I like that there are folks coming up with some very cool apps for the iPhone. My understanding on the iPhone is that the way its set up there are many places in the world that it can be used. Verizon at this time dose not have as large of a catchment area for users. That what I was told by a former AT& T engineer.

  8. Adam

    Victor, do you have any experience with iFlamenco? I bought Beat Vibe and have used it a few times, it’s not bad when you’re on the go (i.e. not near the computer – otherwise a compás track seems better!).

  9. Victor

    Adam, Its programable and had some cool features. I like it it works and is stable. And I would agree that a compas track is probably better.


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