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This, or something very similar, is the back, the CD tray card, of a compilation that Lifescapes is manufacturing and will distribute to all Target stores this Summer. The release date is July 12th. This is the least involved I have been with an album, although I did insist on making a few changes to their running order. I basically gave them a pile of music from my SSRI catalog and let them pick the songs or versions. Lifescapes is licensing the content from SSRI, which means that SSRI retains full ownership.

You will already be familiar with most of the music since Remba is my new title for Untitled Rumba (((which you can also find here – Ottmar-Friends always get to hear the music first!!))), and Dreaming is Dreaming on the Starlight Train (((with the flies removed!!!))) – and both can be found here – although those are different mixes. (((confused yet?)))

Oh, and I think one or two of the songs taken from The Scent of Light are edits, to create a more easily digestible fare.

The target audience for this compilation is, well, the Target customer. I figured the label knows that customer and their needs and wants better than I do and let them pretty much package this however they wanted. They decided to contact Reisig & Taylor, who shot the covers for Leaning into the Night and christmas + santa fe, and picked the above image for the cover. (((that’s the Keith Vizcarra Flamenco Negra guitar with the V-Pegs that I used on most of Leaning into the Night))) The label also came up with the title Spanish Sun (((!!!))) and the description A Relaxing Spanish Guitar Collection.

Jon Gagan, sent all of the music through his magic mastering box, and created a cohesive album that does sound great. (((I think it’s a great introduction to my music for people who have never heard it))) I am told the album will be aggressively priced and will only be available at Target.

May the Mid-West, and everywhere Target reaches, echo with the sound of Spanish guitar music this Summer!


  1. Matt Callahan

    So now when I go to Target, there’s a chance something good might be playing at the music kiosk? This is good news.

  2. Ottmar

    Yes, indeed! Now meaning on or after July 12th! :-)

  3. Victor Hornback

    I’m really excited for you Ottmar! A great opportunity for new ears to discover your music.

  4. Boris

    Love to see “Song 4 Pablo” there. One of your songs that don’t receive the attention they deserve.

    No idea what Target is but when I find out where to order the CD I will do so and distribute a couple of them among my friends.

  5. marijose

    Boris, Target is a popular chain of discount stores in the US. It looks like the Lifescapes website also has downloads, so maybe it will be available there.

    Now I’m curious as to which “Up Close” they included in the compilation. Impossible to pick just one. I might have to go to the Target music kiosk just to press the button for your album and watch people’s faces as they suddenly stop their red carts in a trance.

  6. Boris

    I hope I can order the CD somewhere. Some of my friends are easier to get by sending them an mp3, others need to have something given to their hands, to take home, and to look at.

    Thanks, Marijose!

  7. Carol


  8. LindaW

    This has the potential for making shopping at Target a pleasurable experience!

  9. Brenda

    :) We even have Target in my neck of the woods! I will be look out and Yes I will advise when purchased.

  10. Carol

    Jeff (my son) stopped by with that wonderful album, Spanish Sun. It’s so very refreshing. Oh, how I love your music. Have you been able to get a copy, Boris? I’m a long way from a Target store or I’d get you one. I know that doesn’t help much does it….

  11. Luz

    I’ve been to two Targets and both are out of the CD!! :-( A new shipment is to come in on Monday and I do hope that I can grab two copies if not more. I so want to add this CD to my collection!

  12. Brenda

    Trip to Target last week but it appears to me that our Target must only stock too much Country. :(

  13. Carol

    That’s the problem here…it’s really too much Country country.

  14. LindaW

    Luz and I ran around Houston the day of the House of Blues show and looked for the CD; no stores had any so it must be selling well!

    I had the good fortune today to visit my local Target to purchase a chair ((like the one I fell in love with at Luz’s house)) and I was able to procure the very last CD they had. I like to see this as a positive omen on many new listeners purchasing rather than Lifescapes not shipping enough CDs.

    Ottmar: I miss the flies on Dreaming… it sounds naked!

    (Arms of Love is my bedtime lullaby music).

  15. Will

    Picked it up today, great little mix of songs. Slower Paced and relaxing.

  16. Luz

    I finally found two copies of the CD and picked them up as gifts for friends as I already have my own..thanks to fellow fanmenca MJ. :) Will be on the lookout for more next time I shop @ Target.


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