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It seems that one of the subscribers has uploaded music from Ottmar-Friends to Last.Fm – see this. This seriously jeopardizes our relationship and I WILL cancel this entire subscription experiment if it continues or I find other examples of this. The files I am sharing with you are not to be given away, and certainly not to a website I detest, Last.Fm. This is not cool at all and whoever is doing this is threatening our subscription experiment. Please remove the track from Last.Fm.

Update: it could be that in this case the app, called Scrobbler, only uploaded the track name from a subscriber listening, and not the track itself. Why a person would want an app like Scrobbler to run in the background, uploading all of their listening habits, is beyond me. Don’t you realize that the data will be analyzed and most likely sold to record companies? Why give away your data when you don’t get paid for it? Consumer habits are valuable information.

But maybe I should take this opportunity to make it clear that the music you download as part of the Ottmar-Friends Subscription may not be sold (((that one should be obvious))) and I request that you do not upload it (((music or photographs))) to any file-sharing website. If you want to give a friend one or two tracks or photos, because you enjoy them, you may do that, but you may not share the entire subscription with your friends. We priced the subscription super-low, and since the start in March we have already made 21 tracks available. Within the year you will probably receive 60+ tracks, that’s only about $0.30 per track. (((and I am not even counting the other stuff, the photos, videos etc. – printing out one photo should be worth more than $20)))

I had planned on giving you music-in-progress for the next album, but I won’t be able to do that if the music is shared, shows up on the internet or is played on the radio. When I give you brand-new music the songs won’t be registered yet and I can’t have them show up anywhere!

If you have a question about usage of the music or you have something in mind that you want to use a track for, please leave a comment or get in touch with me here.


  1. yumi

    It is classic stupidity, isn’t it? One person…
    The subscription series is enjoyable, the participation is wonderful, hearing music to appreciate together is unique.

    Horrible. You have a right to come to your conclusion of canceling the subscription.

    Did they not know that Ottmar would check? = Stupid.
    Did they not know that it would upset the artist? = Stupid.

    How moronic.

  2. LindaW

    I am sorry that someone had to do something dumb like this, its not good at all.

    Yet another good reason to not use sites like Last.FM.

  3. steve

    Wow … this REALLY sucks.

    Hey … whoever you are, take it down, and don’t do it again. Don’t jeopardize a really cool opportunity for the rest of us you dumbass…

  4. Carol

    I guess I was being naive when I thought this subscription plan would only have your friends on it. I guess it wasn’t a sure thing. Friends don’t steal from friends.
    I hope the problem can be resolved. Most of us are amazed and happy that you have shared so much with us.

  5. Molly

    this blows. i hope whoever it is doesn’t blow it for the rest of us!

  6. Ottmar

    As I wrote in the update, I believe that the music wasn’t actually uploaded to, but that their “Scrobbler” software automatically sends the title of any song a person listens to to their servers.

    I do think it was good to write this post, because it is important that it is clear, that if I give away songs in advance of their actual release, those songs cannot be shared or played on the radio.

  7. Carmen Ortiz

    Enjoyed listening to the music you share with us. I hope people respect your music and your rights to it!

  8. Vic

    Let’s hope that it was a mistake by someone and not intentional. It would be a HUGE loss to this unique community, if the music download privilege were to be removed.

  9. Brenda

    Yes, we truly appreciate that you shared with us this violation of trust and hopefully the strength of your many Ottmar-Friends will raise or train this person’s conscious to your subscribtion service rules. Yes, it only takes one rotten apple to ruin the bushel so you must take time to check all the apples.

  10. Gerry

    Its good to remind everyone about the rules. This is a great subscription so please respect it.
    I’m creating some music of my own and I know how much of yourself you have to give. To have someone rip off your music – its the pits.

  11. dave


  12. michael h c

    Your generosity towards those who appreciate your music is unparalleled , and I feel personally hurt that someone would do this to you and the rest of us. I hope you trace them down and expel them to the ethers.

  13. Carol

    Well, when you think about it, it was likely because he/she wanted other to hear your music……just forgot the stipulations. I doubt it will happen again. That person is feeling badly I bet.

  14. marijose

    You may want to consider sending a reminder e-mail (perhaps along with the July password) about not posting, selling, etc. the songs or other information available from this service. Maybe also ask people to consider disabling Scrobbler if that was the problem (sorry, I’m not very high tech) and provide something like a “terms and conditions” link on this website, although I know that sounds very legalistic.


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