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From the photo session in Manhattan last month:

Photographed by Frank Louis.


  1. steve

    WOW! Friction tuners … that’s wild!

  2. Ottmar

    I have used friction tuners since 1991 or 1992. All of my Sahlin guitars had friction tuners. The DeVoe Blanca has friction tuners, but the Negra now has V-Pegs – because the wooden pegs were worn out, Lester did not have time to carve new ones, I had to leave for a solo tour, and Keith had some V-pegs…

  3. steve

    I hate to appear stupid, but what’s a V-peg?

  4. Gudrun

    I’m sure that all the female fans are not taking heed of the tuner …. ;-)

  5. Ottmar

    Steve: V-Pegs were invented by the Santa Fe luthier Keith Vizcarra. They look like friction pegs, but have a titanium 1:4 gear ratio inside. You can see the V-Pegs in this photo:

  6. steve

    “I’m sure that all the female fans are not taking heed of the tuner …. ;-)”

    Not even the REALLY geeky female fans? Hmmmmm?

    Ah well, you are probably right … It would be interesting to know what the demographics of this Journal is. And so it goes.

    I suspect I am one of the few technology/design geeks aboard …

  7. LindaW

    Steve, I will have to side with you here; female geek, music lover, musician & photographer. I have a friend in montana that is a luthier that would probably ber very interested in V-pegs, I’ll send him the link.

    Thanks for the link Ottmar!


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