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I haven’t written in a couple of days. Haven’t told you about the wonderful Infinity Hall in Norfolk yet. I will do that sometime later this week or next.

The days in Manhattan have been packed. I did a photoshoot on Tuesday morning, followed by ten hours at the Blue Note. Loading in, soundcheck and two shows. Was able to leave a few times, went to have a glass of wine with Stephen in the Village between shows for example, but was stuck there more or less from 14:00 until after midnight. Fell into an exhausted sleep at the hotel around 02:00.

Wednesday morning Jon and I walked fifty blocks to a coffee and breakfast place we like on the corner of 11th street. Afterwards I walked to Soho and met Joan Halifax Roshi who was visiting an artist friend of hers after being at a function at the United Nations the previous evening. A while later Roshi and were sitting on a little bench in front of Balthazar on Spring Street, sipping coffee and watching humanity pass by, running and walking this way and that way, while we were sitting still.


  1. dave

    Sort of like the eye of the hurricane, or rather two eyes of the hurricane.

  2. Carol

    Days like day and night…frenzy and quiet…I’m glad you know how to find the peace you need, and I’m thankful you have the friends you do

  3. Brenda

    Your journey to Cambridge, mention of United Nations has opened a closed door of memories for me of a History Club Trip (Senior HS) to Boston and brief visit to the UN. I keep in my office the set of Russian (Made ih U.S.S.R) nesting dolls I purchased at the UN Gift Shop as I was amazed by them. My Mom gave me $10.00 to spend and I chose to spend $7.00 on the set of three nesting dolls that are dark haired, red scarfed, purple and red flowered dolls.
    Yes, it is a rare gift of time to cherish of sitting still. Thanks for being so giving of your time with your Ottmar-Friends. You are a Blessing!

  4. Carol

    I hope your finger is not hurting.


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