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I listened to a sound collage I made a couple of years ago, from sounds I recorded in April of 2007 in Germany and Austria. It sounds amazing and I thought about making it available in the form of a .aif file (CD quality: 16/44.1). You can travel without moving!

It was only 28ºF this morning and I discussed transportation with myself. Arguments for and against using my bicycle were exchanged, but in the end I bundled up and took off on the Mariachi Bullitt to meet Jon for breakfast. We discussed that there seems to be more interest in audiophile sound these days. Good!

Gizmodo had these two items this week:

Vietnamese Audiophile Turns a Room Into One Giant Speaker

Why We Need Audiophiles

The second one is particularly interesting as it compares SACD to great vinyl. Then I found this piece, which compares SACS and DVD-Audio and prefers DVD-A. I also noticed that Logic 8 allows the burning of DVD-A. DVD-A does sound very promising. When I was still with Epic Records I spoke to an executive there, it must have been around 1999, who had one of only seven DVD-A players in the country, and he raved about the sound quality! I myself have never heard it. (((however I have heard 24/96 in my studio, because One Guitar and Up Close were recorded like that…)))

While we are staying in Manhattan in May (((five nights at the Blue Note))) Jon and I will try to locate an audiophile dealer there. We want to listen to DVD-A players and see what the fuss is about. I don’t think DVD-A will be a commercial option and we’ll have to wait until high quality 24/96 or 24/192 files can be losslessly compressed and downloaded.

I was glad I decided to ride my bike and ended up riding for about an hour today. I enjoy the easy communication with pedestrians. How can a pedestrian communicate with a car or SUV, especially when the windows are tinted and inpenetrable!! Like talking to a tank.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Looking forward to this one.

  2. dave

    Very cool.

  3. LindaW

    I saw you riding yesterday and yelled, but I guess you didn’t hear me. I LOVE the Mariachi Bullitt! (added it to my “things I want but don’t need” list).

    My pedestrian exchange yesterday wasn’t so nice.. I met a drunk guy that asked to use my phone (the battery was dead) when I tried to explain this he flipped me off not an inch from my face. This too was like talking to a tank… of ale ;-)

    it ended up being a beautiful day!

  4. Jason

    Fantastic, can’t wait


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