Benefit Concert @ the Lensic

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Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra at the Lensic

Tickets go on sale today.

OL – Guitars
Jon Gagan – Bass + Synth
Stephen Duros – Guitars + Synth
Michael Chavez – Drumkit + Percussion
Robby Rothschild – Djembe + Cajon

An all-Santa Fe crew plus one foreigner.


  1. Carolynn

    I can’t wait! I ordered my tickets on-line yesterday at the moment they went on sale. Needless to say, I will have really good seats AND will FINALLY get to meet Ottmar and the band. Finally!!!

  2. Luz

    Looking forward to meeting that foreigne as well as seeing the rest of the band perform. @Carolynn…where are your seats? I think we are in row F.

  3. LindaW

    yes Luz, row F, purchased at 10:01 am. apparently 5 dozen seats sold in one minute ;-) @Carolynn, Luz and I have marked out spot on a seating chart on, feel free to make a note on your seat as well! Might be a good way to get acquainted!
    ( )

    Row F is fine its the 6th. Apparently dues to stage lighting performers can’t generally see beyond the 6th row, perhaps we should test this theory with little TIMMY! signs ;-)

  4. Carolynn

    I am row F also — seats 105 & 106. I plan to yell “Timmy!” at least a few times!

  5. Carolynn

    Looks like my boyfriend and I will be right next to Luz and Linda. Fun! Then to the after party! More fun!

  6. LindaW

    ok.. this is unexpected. We are still wondering who got seat 101. I snagged 102, 103, 103. :-)


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