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My friend picked me up and we drove to San Juan Capistrano for breakfast at the Ramos House by the train station. My second visit – the first time was last November. Spoke with the owner of the restaurant about trading guitar-playing for breakfast next time.

Here is a thought I had the other day… what if:
– all video and photo cameras were Wi-Fi enabled
– Wi-Fi was freely available everywhere
– all cameras were synched to the same SMPTE time-code – or a similar reference – via the built-in Wi-Fi
– all cameras had built in GPS

This would mean that every frame of a video, for which the creator enabled synch and turned on GPS, could be linked with any other video or photo that was taken at the same time, either in a far away place or in the same location.

Search for a certain SMPTE number, enter GPS coordinates and find multiple points of view. Imagine if millions of people did this and what an amazing tapestry of hyper-linked imagery that would create. It also would enable new forms of creative expressions, that would link photos and video and storytelling into one new hyper-linked medium.

Then I thought about how one can place little Notes on Flickr photos, and how it would be nice to create such notes at any point in a video, which would then link to photos or text. It could look similar to this, which is on the SoundCloud website. One can click anywhere along the track to attach a comment or note.

And now I have to get ready for soundcheck…

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  1. Michael C.

    Hey, great eating at the Ramos House Cafe, Got to try the crab hash for breakfast.


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