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Won $10 on Tuesday.

Rusty told us about spending three months on the African coast a few years back. People would greet him by yelling the word the word Fote, which means white in the Susu (Sousou) language of the area. Well, he says he didn’t think about it, he just always yelled back Timmy!!

Our FOH engineer Alan immediately offered $10 if I was to announce Rusty by calling him Timmy! And of course I did it…

Speaking of the McCallum theater in Palm Desert, the concert was a lot of fun. Best sound of the tour – I’ll already say that because I don’t think the hall can be challenged by the last few gigs this week. Beautiful acoustics and a very nice performance that was luckily captured by Alan.

Palm Desert on Wednesday.

We were off on Wednesday and today we awoke at the Canyon Club. Walked around the block in the morning. Two out of the four roads did not have a sidewalk.


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