Tuesday Desert

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We are in Palm Desert and had a day off yesterday.  Took the strings off my guitar in the morning and cut a little shim from the hotel’s business card, to raise the bone-bridge on the treble side because the high E-string in particular was buzzing – possibly from the Californian humidity. I didn’t bring wood shims or different bridges (bone pieces) on this short tour, but the improvised shim seemed to work. (((A touring musician should be able to do basic emergency repairs of his instrument.)))

After two failed attempts I was able to upload the Time-Lapse I shot in Torrance last week to Vimeo. It took about 9 hours to upload the video at painfully slow speeds… Anyway, here it is – 1,673 photos running at 10 frames per second, or 167 minutes compressed into 2 minutes and 50 seconds:

Torrance Stage from Ottmar Liebert on Vimeo.

We will have a version available for download within a couple of days.

This morning Stevo and I went to channel 6, where I did a brief interview with Liberty and we played a duet of Streetlight. Before the interview Liberty asked me about my background. I explained and she replied that she was Chinese-Russian-American. I told her that I refer to myself as a mutt and asked her how she feels about that word. She said she had no problem with it. Mutts are always stronger than pure-breds, she said.

Then they showed a little kid on TV whose mother shaved is head to look like a cross-shaped Mohawk. (((Mohawks for Jesus?))) Stephen offered to let the news anchor shave something into his hair. The reply was, don’t tempt us, it’s sweeps-week and we’ll do anything!

Be sure to add friends@ottmarliebert.com to your email addressbook, or check your spam filter as I will send a new backstage-password for April this week. And, expect the next downloadable piece of music on Friday! Do you want another Lava tune, or a rumba? Or Lava on Friday and Rumba next Monday?

One last thing:
Tomorrow is April 1st and the conficker C worm is supposed to kick into action. 10+ million zombie PCs might/will retrieve their marching orders from the mothership… The worm has been called the smartest nefarious bit of code ever written. Maybe not apocalyptic, but potentially deeply disturbing. Good luck to all you PCs out there. See you on the other side of April 1st.


  1. Matt Callahan

    My favorite part is Jon by himself on stage. Makes me wonder what he was playing.

    Lava Fridays has a catchy ring to it. Maybe every Friday should be Lava download day? Can’t think of any better music to start off the weekend.

  2. James

    1 vote for a rumba, from another mutt!

  3. Victor

    Rumba on Friday and Lava on Monday?

  4. LindaW

    Friday Lava sounds delightful…

    that will leave us dancing Rhumba’s into the new week on Mondays!

    – linda (yet another mutt)

  5. dave

    Lava Friday & Rumba Monday sounds good to me.

  6. Carol

    I really enjoy seeing your time-lapse photography…like the very industrious one here, and the very peaceful shadow one. A lot of feeling..and with your music..ahhh.

  7. Carol

    ..and if you don’t hear from me for a long while because I have a PC..well, it’s been nice. Happy April Fools’ Day ahead of time just in case

  8. Boris

    This time-lapse photography video is great. Like especially how the curtain on the left side is the only thing moving in the beginning .

  9. LindaW

    PC still seems to be working.. Mac does too!

    Happy April 1st!

  10. Brenda

    It is always amazing to me, of how photographers capture the moment of time within a gentle click of a framed thought and directed touch of a camera. (For me, the timing to freeze the visual sight for future preservation, does not happen.) But, this time-lapse photography of people dilligently working reminds me of how we as humans struggle to understand a blink of time. Even if we do not blink, we must still choose, yes choose what frame of life is most important to us. So many choices! Thanks for sharing with us!
    So speaking of choices, just keep being a musician and sharing with your Ottmar-Friends and our ears will choose to listen!!!! This is still all new to me so I am not sure of all the differences of Lava or Rumba but I am learning.

  11. Adam

    +1 for a rumba :)

  12. Molly

    for some reason viewing the video for me is very choppy :-( i do however love the one previous with the light, i can watch it over and over again. i’m open for any music, anytime, i already feel like i’m spoiled just being here :-)

  13. Jason

    Nice, love the part with the ‘lights’ are being adjusted.


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