Thursday in Santa Fe

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Breakfast with Jon @ Counter Culture. My fixed gear bike was locked up outside. The weather was cold, but sunny and by the time I headed home it was getting too warm for a shirt and a jacket. But, winter might come back briefly as there are snow storm warnings for Santa Fe – for tonight and Saturday.

In the afternoon I added Jon’s new fretless electric bass guitar parts for Sao Paulo – I am re-mixing The Santa Fe Sessions for a 2010 release. Sounds amazing.

A glass of wine (1997 Merry Edwards Pinot Noir) on top of my iPhone running the free Amazon Kindle application – I am reading Bruce Sterling’s latest novel. I like reading from the iPhone. I think it will be really nice to be able to carry a dozen books on the phone when we are touring. Jon also finds the iPhone easy to read from, but K doesn’t like it at all. Being able to have a bunch of books on the iPhone will be fantastic for international tours – by the way it looks like I will do another Solo tour in Germany in October, followed by a visit to Milan. Hope to have dates to share within a couple of weeks.


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