Friday, December 5th

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I have a cold and it is freezing outside. 21ºF the last time I looked.

Need a rockstar guitar key? Here is the Key of Rock:

An original design from Haniboi featuring embossed detailing. Please note that this key only works with genuine Yale door lock.
(Via Ektopia)

Cycling statistics from the Netherlands. Read it and weep.

AMSTERDAMIZE » Fresh Cycling Statistics From The Netherlands
These statistics about cycling just in from the Dutch RAI, “branch organization for mobility”…

Lip-synching in China just became less in demand:

China bans lip-synching from its biggest TV show
Chinese authorities have announced a ban on lip-synching for the Spring Festival Gala, the country’s most popular TV programme.

There has not yet been any formal response from Asian lip-synchers or their lobby groups. Then again, even if mimes raised an outcry, er … who would hear them?
(Via Guardian Unlimited Music)

If a mime falls in the forest…

New research reveals humans really can smell fear | Science | The Guardian
The smell of fear, one of the most terrible cliches of pulp fiction, is actually founded in fact, scientists claim today.

People can unconsciously detect whether someone is stressed or scared by smelling a chemical pheromone released in their sweat, according to researchers who have investigated the underarm secretions of petrified skydivers.

Not surprising…

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Guitarist Satriani sues Coldplay
Grammy nominees Coldplay have been sued by rock guitarist Joe Satriani, who claims the band’s song Viva La Vida uses one of his riffs.

Have I heard the songs in question? Nope, I don’t own a single song by Satriani or by Cold Play.

This video suggested 5 months ago that the two songs are very similar. Who knows whether Satriani listens to Coldplay – so, this case might have started with a YouTube sleuth from New Zealand…


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