Wednesday Evening

02008-09-17 | Jon Gagan, Music, Santa Fe | 0 comments

This evening I walked into town to experience Jon playing upright bass with a great local pianist at El Mason. The sun was setting as I arrived. Enjoyed the music and the tapas and headed home an hour later. A drunk in a car (((New Mexico is famous for drunk drivers))) almost ran me over at the corner of Alameda and Paseo de Peralta and then continued happily on the wrong side of the street for a block. Luckily nobody came in the other direction.

I caught glimpses of the fat moon between trees and houses and thought what a wonderful experience walking at night is (((well, I could do without the drunk drivers)))… I like biking better than driving, but walking is the best way to see the moon.

My walk home –
between the trees,
a glimpse of the fat moon.
– 全放

(Thanks Y.)


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