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Population Growth, Resource Over-Consumption at Center of the Looming Catastrophe, Stanford Biologists Claim
This next post is about something which I’ve found many environmentalists find very hard to discuss: Overpopulation and the corresponding Overconsumption of natural resources which we now face on this planet. Yale Environment 360 is currently running a piece by Stanford biologists Paul and Anne Ehrlich which discusses what they see as the central environmental crisis which we face: Too Many People, Too Much Consumption./em>
(Via TreeHugger)

Two choice tidbits – either one is a little long for a bumper sticker, but short enough for our attention span:

There is no technological fix that will allow perpetual population and economic growth.

OK, got it. That’s heavy, but logical and let’s be honest, not surprising.

Population factor greater than most people supposed/em>

Well, yeah…

Direct link to Yale Environment360

Also see Doctor’s Advice and Peak Water.

I had lively arguments with my father circa 1975-1977, with me arguing that permanent economic growth was not feasible and him saying that it was essential… Sometime in the late 1990’s he came around and conceded that I had been right. I was floored by him remembering the discussions in the first place, and by him admitting that I had been right… Dad, I would have loved to buy you this for your 93rd birthday, so you don’t have to do this.


  1. Carol

    If we would only think of the long term effect, maybe we’d ask if we needed to get/do that.
    And who knows maybe your Dad it drinking an even finer drink now. That’d be nice. We don’t know.

  2. Panj

    LOL…i just ‘knew’ the second ‘this’ was the photo of you and your dad and arms and bottles…it is one of my absolute favorites:-)))
    …hmmm…was that a ‘clink’ i just heard from Heaven?…:-)))

  3. Carol

    Thinking about the expansion of people, we just have to get our space travel going before we’re completely crowded . Most organisms find a way to grow out of their beginning place, by floating coconuts or bird feces, or maybe comets.


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