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If you are new to this Diary I would like to point out the Binaural video we recorded last Summer. You can find the quicktime version here and a flash version here. In both cases it is very important that you listen with headphones. Old fashioned ones that cover your ears will sound better (more realistic) than little ear-buds, but if you only have little ear-buds, you can cover them in your ears with your hands – to isolate left from right side.

A binaural album called “Up Close” is available in CD-form from us and all CD stores and you can download the album from our ListeningLounge and many other download sites (iTunes, Amazon et.)


  1. Panj

    OKay…10nth note to self…GET headphones……my CD is still unopened, waiting for those elusive headphones…:-)…i know it will be a wonderful experience when i finally get there! And now this video to look forward to…Thanks…
    God Speed Ottmar and Luna Negra!!!

    • Éric B.

      Ok. After almost 14 years…. Is there a place to still access this video? It’s simply gone now. I found someone reposting your video but it’s been transcoded so the sound is not…. Really crisp anymore.

      Help Ottmar! Help! ;)

      Have a good time on your side of the planet and to all the crew. Much love.



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