Fixated on the fixie

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Click opera – Fixated on the fixie
Put most simply: while you’re on your bike you’re not on your computer. But, by the same token, there is a connection between these new bikes and computers, just as there is between today’s art and computers. It’s the connection of negation, of complementarity, of something being made necessary by something else.

Momus writes about Fixies. It includes this funny passage:

The fixie trend is also a distinction strategy. It’s a way for hipsters to say “I’m not just another suburban bozo with a car”. But it’s also a way for the West to say to China: “Okay, you all have cars now. Well, we’re onto something else: bicycles.” Which is ironic, since the West used to laugh at China for wobbling around, in its billions, on bicycles.

Alan has been riding his fixie.

Meanwhile David Byrne fell off his bike.


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