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This fine Spring morning I put on my antique Burton jacket, the one with the controls on the sleeve that work with my antique iPod (the one before the video iPod – 3G?) and walked to Ohori’s for coffee. When I woke I thought I should give my ears a rest, but then I had to listen anyway… It’s an interesting obsession with detail. A year from now I won’t hear the details that are driving me crazy now. I remember a story about Steely Dan including a song in a greatest hits compilation they had flatly rejected a couple of decades ago, saying they had no idea why they rejected the song in the first place. And while I know that, I am driven to make these small changes that won’t matter a decade from now.

Got my coffee mug filled and walked to Downtown Subscription. Ordered a green chile croissant and found a seat outside.

Walked back and went back into the cave to make adjustments. Almost done. Final stretch.

And to answer Steve’s question left in the comments yesterday. AIF files contain location code and will spot into the right place. And I if send a file of a certain length and the other musician sends me back a file of the exact same length (in samples, not in minutes and seconds) they will synch also.


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