Friday Morning

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Listening to: nothing – resetting ears for hours of listening in the studio this afternoon
Currently reading: The Years of Rice and Salt

Beautiful sky above Santa Fe and brilliant light reflecting off the snow.

I listened to the master for “Up Close” last night and enjoyed the recording a lot. A package should go out to the manufacturer today or Monday and we should have CDs available from our web store in April. It won’t be in other music stores until May, I am guessing.

The new album I am working on is quite different from “One Guitar” and “Up Close” – I wrote about the difference last month. I am having a blast in the studio and the result is a very rich brew, a grand contrast to the un-edited realism of the last two. This is no documentary film, this is a big movie, a wide-screen feature with many details you are unlikely to catch at first listen.


  1. Miltos

    This is excellent! The sooner we get to listen to “Up Close”, the better. It´s been a long ride, but i´m sure it´s worth the wait :)
    What is going on with the Lingua Franca CD? The mp3 songs were supposed to be available in the beginning of December … there´s no word about it!

  2. marc


  3. Carol

    I always get more when I listen again, and it never stops. I keep hearing it in a brand new way.


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