Musicians still waiting on a YouTube payday

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Musicians still waiting on a YouTube payday | Tech news blog – CNET
How important is music to Google’s Out of the 12 all-time most viewed YouTube clips, nine are professionally made music videos. At least one rock video has been watched more than 75 million times on YouTube.

But do the performers in the videos share in the advertising revenue generated by their work?

Some top music managers have told CNET that their clients haven’t seen any money from the licensing deals the four largest music labels have signed with YouTube over the past 18 months. According to a statement from Google-owned YouTube, the Web site is banking ad dollars generated by the artist’s music and is sharing that money with the record labels. What the managers want to know is why little or nothing has trickled down to the artists.

That would be something to watch: RIAA against Google. 1,500 lawyers on both sides raring to go.

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