Putting Pedestrians First: Raised Crosswalks

02008-02-22 | Photos, Santa Fe | 1 comment

Carectomy.com: Removing Cars from People – Putting Pedestrians First: Raised Crosswalks
A raised crosswalk is at a height consistent with the sidewalk, which makes crossing easier; encourages cars to check their speeds in areas with lots of foot traffic; makes pedestrians more visible as they cross the street; and takes back some of the public space from vehicles.

True, but the idea has been around since Roman times – see this photo taken in Pompeii – and today I found this right here in Santa Fe:
The crosswalk is even with the sidewalk. It is indeed a great solution because it creates an easy crossing for wheelchairs and baby carriages while slowing down cars.

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  1. Carol

    Yours are a little more handicapped accessible it would appear. The Romans really had great engineers and built infrastructures to last. We are way behind them in so many ways I’m afraid.


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