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At last the sky above Santa Fe is dark and devoid of light-pollution. The annoying lights so many people have surrounded their houses with are out…

I want to go into the studio to continue practicing guitar, since there is no electricity to record as I had planned, but I can’t even get into the studio because I can’t open the magnetic lock (very Batman!) of the main door without electricity…

Somebody from Comcast just called me and asked whether Santa Fe has electricity. No, we most certainly do not… Maybe there is a bathroom stall at Comcast HQ with the following words: If there seems to be trouble in Santa Fe, be sure to call Ottmar Liebert – he will tell us truthfully whether the power is out.

And, is it possible, more snow…

Luckily I have my little LED headlamp and so I will sit down in a comfy chair and read in a book of Hafiz poems, “The Gift”.

Here is one of his poems:

Makes the universe admit a
“I am
Really just a tambourine,
Grab hold,
Play me
Against your warm

Wikipedia on Sufi-master Hafez or Hafiz (ca. 1320-1389)

Or, maybe the book will wait and I will take the guitar I keep in my house and play it…

Later – now it is starting to get a little chilly to play guitar, but I am soldering on with a thick sweater. This reminds me of living in my first loft in Boston. Since it was a commercial building, the heat was turned off at 5PM on Friday and came back on early Monday morning. One had to have a friend with a heated apartment or stay in bed under a thick comforter with a good book… :)

An hour later the power returns. This is a long exposure and the vertical lines are the snow flakes.


  1. victor

    very cool photo

  2. Ruth

    Pulling Out the Chair

    Pulling out the chair
    Beneath your mind
    And watching you fall upon God –

    What else is there
    For Hafiz to do
    That is any fun in this world?

    ~ Hafiz

    : )


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