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Mellow Johnny’s will also provide bike storage, showers and locker rooms for bike commuters who need a place to wash off and change before work.

Great idea. Bike downtown to a place where you can store your bike, take a shower and change into your suit. Then you grab a coffee and walk to the office energized. The store belongs to Lance Armstrong and is located in downtown Austin.


  1. Joe

    I agree that it is a good idea, however…. haven’t the Dutch been using bicycles to get around for years? So I’d say, good idea but not a new one. Maybe the showers and changing rooms are new — not sure how the Dutch handle that.

  2. ottmar

    Joe: agreed, but obviously Americans haven’t caught on to the Dutch way. A most impressive sight is when people, dressed up to the nines, flow out of the opera house in Amsterdam after a performance and get on their bikes for the ride home!!

    This new idea could convince people who realize that they can get exercise by commuting to work, but with this new and very convenient twist. I would have loved this when I lived in Boston in the early Eighties as I lived in a loft that had a toilet and sink, but no shower or tub. I ended up getting a membership in a healthclub around the corner and used their showers. I get the feeling that this combination bike store + bike repair + bike storage + showers + lockers + coffee could take off and become commonplace in American cities. Would be nice.

  3. Boris

    The combination’s a great idea indeed. That’s what always kept me from using the bike more: that I’d arrive at the working place sweating.

  4. Joe

    The one last ingredient which would be icing on the cake — good urban planning that incorporates bike lanes on the streets. There are people working on this, I can only hope that Lance’s little venture catches fire just that way his yellow cancer bracelets did!!


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