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Upaya Institute | Zen Center: ZEN BRAIN, SELFLESS INSIGHT
Instructors: James Austin, M.D., Roshi Joan Halifax, Al Kaszniak, Ph.D., Neil Theise, M.D., Jason Buhle

Description: Scientific interest in the relationships between Buddhism and neuroscience has dramatically increased, accompanied by the publication of both theoretical proposals and new laboratory investigations relating Buddhist practice to the brain. In this retreat/seminar, Roshi and four scientists who have contributed to this growing field of research and are each long-term Zen practitioners, will share with participants perspectives on what has been learned about Zen practice and the brain, how this research is relevant for practice, and how experienced practitioners can help sharpen the research questions being asked. During the retreat, discussion and presentations are integrated with Zazen practice.

January 16-20, 2008, at Upaya in Santa Fe. Click here for a PDF with more info.


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