Wednesday, October 3rd

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A Pilates class in the morning, then into the studio. Found the perfect tempo for the bridge in “Three Days Without You” and recorded the guitars. Listened to “Two Sisters: Hope + Sorrow”, which has now grown to over 7½ minutes – lots of hope and sorrow… I am asking Rahim to play an oud solo on it.

Listened to the version of “Reaching Out 2 U” from “The Santa Fe Sessions” to determine whether we should just re-master the album for the re-release next year, or whether I should also re-mix. A new mix came together quickly, different from the original and very good, I think. I’ll work on some of the other songs soon.

Watched “Blood Diamond”. Hard to watch, but a very good movie with a very important message. Any bride, who wants a diamond should have to watch this movie first.


  1. steve

    My wife saw this movie while on a business trip recently. She said it was extremely compelling, and she will never look at diamonds the same.

  2. dave

    My wife & I watched it about a month ago & thought it was excellent. It really opened our eyes. We never knew what suffering is caused just to bring this “luxury” to us.

  3. Carol

    I prefer amber anyway. It has such an interesting origin and history in the early amber trade routes. Besides I feel more connected to it somehow.
    Glitter with prestige has never been part of my life… the glitter of the sun off raindrops and snowflakes..that I like.

  4. Boris

    Love the new compositions you made public via the Fritz Files. Always liked your titelling as well.

  5. Jay Alvarez

    I see lots of wedding rings, pretty much every weekend playing guitar for wedding ceremonies. Ever since I saw that movie, I think it’s a good choice to replace the tradition of diamond rings for brides, to something more practical, and more empahsis on spiritual value. Unfortunately, most brides want the biggest ring for competitive reasons, and self value.


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