Wednesday Evening

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I am listening to Ahmed Dickinson, a wonderful live recording he sent me last year – I should email him and ask whether he has new recordings. Tonight Keith Vizcarra came over and we talked about this and that for three hours. Politics, sound, music, strings, good old hardware stores vs Home Depot and Walmart… and a million other subjects. What’s better than a conversation between friends? Gave him a book of Hafiz poems. Damn, look at that moon!

RE strings: I am trying out strings right now, mixing and matching different brands, because some seem to make better trebles and other makes better basses… have been playing D’Addario strings since 1990, but it’s time to see and compare what’s out there… I might not be able to endorse one brand, because at the moment I prefer to mix trebles and basses from two different companies.


  1. Eddie

    mmm…..i find the same thing, some trebles are smoother than others with a cleaner sound…..reminds me. i should restring my guitar, those strings arnt looking good!

  2. Gudrun

    After trying out a lot of strings I prefer the synthetic fiber strings by Savarez for acoustic guitars. The sound is pure, the bass powerful. The stringing is easy because the strings are very thin and elastic. I also like strings made by Höfner.

    I always thought it’s not possible to mix the strings from different producer (Intonation?).

  3. Will

    The moon was huge and bright last night a very nice sight. I hope old hardware stores won the debate.

  4. Victor

    I have heard from a few real good folks like Lester Devoe and Dennis Koster that its hard to find a one set good match and many times the quality keeps changing. It seems like what you said above with the three basses and then another three types of trebels works for alot of people. Hope you share what you come up with. I have tried the new Titaniums by D’Addario and kind of like them, I really liked the Hanaback Flamenco strings but they broke so easy.

  5. Adam Solomon

    Let us know when you come to a decision on the strings, if you do!

  6. Manuel Rangel

    out of curiosity what manufacturers are you looking at?


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