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YouTube – The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See
(Via Vedana)

Misleading title, maybe. I find it less terrifying than clear-eyed, logical and convincing. See, that sort of vid works on YouTube… mono sound, but the message comes across. Our situation – simplified… Pass it on!


  1. Carol

    And please read the comments. They are very interesting, and make a person want to find out more.

  2. michael

    Like you this did not frighten but stirred up a mixture of emotions and action, what more can I do? I am passing this on. Yesterday I visited the bluffs and coastline of Laguna and Newport beaches and was taken back at the sight of “dead” tide pools and lagoons that used to fascinate me as a youth. Polluted away they are dead. Just this morning again the news reported a list of beaches that are unsafe due to sewage spills

  3. Carol

    We always expect someone else to clean up our messes, just as we expect our gr,gr,gr,gr….grandchildren to pay for what we’re spending now.

  4. Will

    Too simple and too easy for skeptics to punch holes in it. I agree that somthing should be done and I am doing my part for the environment. But only including “cost” for a “yes” action in terms of Global Climate Change is false and he even states that Government regulations would have to be introduced and massive layoffs are possible i.e. Political and Social levels. With a little refining it would work.

    1. We do nothing and nothing happens. No Impact, No Results
    2. We do something and nothing happens. Moderate Impact, Moderate Results
    3. We do something and something happens. Moderate Impact, Maximum Results
    (we are saved etc.)
    4. We do nothing and something happens. No Impact, No Results
    (up a creek with out a paddle i.e. global meltdown)

  5. Eric

    Obviously this video is not terrifying but in order to get people to tune in and watch one must use such shock treatment. Now what is terrifying is that that tactic is only for people to see a video. I wonder what would be necessary for people to make a change.

    Which brings an interesting point about. Since younger and younger generations are becoming more and more desensitized (see here and here) to their surroundings by the use of such violence and primitive thinking on tv/video games/music/etc., what will be the topping point which the water boils over? When the black and white which eased into gray at their meeting point becomes ALL gray.

    I guess what I’m getting at is that the younger generations are processing information at faster and faster rates without analyzing the information being processed. Do they know how to properly analyze this information? I always look at computers and the content on the internet as gauges for where the human brain is at right now. We have machines that can do really amazing things at speeds that were unimaginable 40 years ago. But how far has the content come? Ottmar I’m sure you can attest for this, how much computing power is necessary for you to make an album? Now don’t get me wrong there are applications for quality content to use such power (i’m a big fan of pixar movies) but how much of the mighty power is being used for that. Look at the advancements is modern warfare and the technology being used. Although some of this very technology is being used to determine weather patterns and activity on fault lines and such, where is the rest going?

    Michael-you may want to visit Heal the Bay’s website. they have a free pdf Beach Report Card that you can download to get further information. I’m currently awaiting induction into their volunteer teaching program which becomes available in February.

  6. steve

    From my perspective, as an engineering/failure analysis geek, the problem is that he seems to have assigned equal probabilities to all four permutations. This has the net effect of applying an unreasonable degree of bias to certain aspects of the model.

    Note that I am NOT arguing for OR against the premise in question. I am merely presenting commentary on the mathematical verisimilitude of the argument.

  7. michael

    Thanks Eric, I tried to link to that site(Heal the Bay) with the word “spills” in my post but I must have messed it up. Your volunteer teaching with Heal the Bay is a noble act. Thank you.


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