The Birchmere in Alexandria

02007-09-03 | Ottmar, Performance, Photos, Touring | 6 comments

Photo by Salma. Last show of the little tour. I don’t know what I was smiling about. I felt I should have played better that last evening and was frustrated with myself. The audience was fantastic though. Thanks to all for coming to hear/see us play this past week!


  1. Mixalis

    The Ridgefield show was awesome! The best way to start the labor day weekend. My wife and I had such an amazing evening.

    The Transit 2, Thira, One guitar medley was fantastic! The percussion solos/ parts made time stand still for a brief moment…amazing!

    On the ride home, we listened to parts of la semana and One Guitar to make the ride home as enjoyable as the concert.

    Peace be with you

  2. Diane


    I have seen many pictures of you. This picture is the VERY BEST I have ever seen of you!! You seem so happy and pleased!
    Maybe it was the water!!!! :)
    Keep up the good work!
    This is my first time posting, I have seen you in Florida many times in the past.

  3. laurie

    I hope you all are enjoying a much deserved break and are enjoying being home again. It was fun to travel with you vicariously and also experience the amazing shows at Sculler’s. Thank you for putting yourself out there in words and music… it’s expanded my horizons and senses.

  4. Carol

    I hope you’re smiling a lot right now.

  5. Emory

    Well we thought the concert was incredible! Despite owning 4 of your CDs going back to Nouveau Flamenco (and yes, I vow to catch up on the catalogue), this was the first time we’ve seen you live. The couple next to us had seen you once before and were likewise hooked. Please come back to the DC area soon….we’ll be there!

  6. Molly

    you have such a beautiful smile. nice to see it :-)


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