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Arctic Ice at All-Time Low
Just last year the National Snow and Ice Data Center’s Serreze said that the Arctic was “right on schedule” to be completely free of ice by 2070 at the soonest. He now thinks that day may arrive by 2030.

Another article and more links can befound here. Seems to me that, unless you are planning on leaving this planet soon, this is not the time to discuss whether Global Warming is largely man-made or a natural occurrence. That would be like discussing how a fire started instead of trying to put it out or cutting off your finger and discussing why that happened rather than grabbing the finger and running to the hospital. There are things we can do and we better start this summer.

But my hunch is that people will let things slide until…. well, until people see their own investments in danger – see the illustration from Vanity Fair – real estate and industry in major cities on the coast, beach-front property in Florida and elsewhere…



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