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Looking back it always becomes obvious. Last year in April I did the first three solo shows in Seattle and Redwood City. In November and December of 2006 I did another 14 shows solo, but with the addition of a vid projector that showed a selection of my photos while I played guitar. The next series of solo shows is starting to shape up for April of 2008.

My friend Greg Gorman enjoys teaching photography and does several workshops per year at his home and studio in Mendocino, California. I am going to attend his workshop there in October and will play guitar and show my photos on the last evening of the workshop.

Well, we are working up plans to offer a special and exclusive experience in Santa Fe (and maybe a few other locations) next year. The 3 or 5 day experience – it’s not a workshop and not a retreat and experience is the best name I could come up with so far – will include something like this: an unamplified solo guitar performance in my studio, a performance by the quartet somewhere, walks with me into the mountains and to Santa Fe’s hidden spots, an evening at my house with a meal cooked by myself, and, making use of Santa Fe’s rich resources for taking care of our physical well-being, things like Pilates and acupuncture. Emphasis will be placed on covering topics like music/hearing/listening and our human development. Naturally this sort of experience can only work in a very small circle. Watch this space or sign up for our mailing list to find out more as this develops.


  1. laurie

    sounds lovely… look forward to hearing more about it

  2. ~C4Chaos

    nice. maybe it’s cool to have an Ottmar web-app which plays music recorded with Fritz and pulls photos via RSS from your Flickr account :)

    looking forward to your next show in Seattle.


  3. dave

    That sounds really cool.

  4. Commentator

    Speaking about ‘looking back’:
    I keep coming back to “Nouveau Flamenco” with its flavour of gypsy magic. I suppose that album, by now, can be labelled a ‘new classic’.

  5. Will

    Pretty cool experience for a fan/friend. Not many people can say they hung out with their favorite musician. Glad to see down to earth/relational people.

  6. Victor

    Wow that sounds terific. I would really like to be a part of that group. Speaking of looking back, I have been listing to the early years of Ottmar and I still love the music and vibe that comes from listining to the songs when I talke long drives. Keep me posted the developments for the Experence.

  7. Carol

    What would we do without you. You give us so much. It will be a new experience. Wonderful!

  8. Manuel Ranguel

    This will be so cool. I wonder how you will select your audience to attend the experience. Would it be signing up on a first come basis?

    It would be worth the trip no matter what price you charge for the experience.

  9. dave

    Nouveau Classique.

  10. marc

    Excellent idea. I hope that I can make it to Santa Fe.

  11. Anna

    Ottmar, sounds like a fantastic experience.

    I was hoping that you would make it to Australia in 2008!!

  12. Boris

    What a beautiful idea! Experiencing the studio and the garden must be fantastic………. Oh, and breathing that air and having that view, in case one’s not from there. A pity such an experience is not transformable in words to let others get part of that joy as well. Anyway I’m curious how this idea will end up in the end!

  13. Sarah

    So, will the cost for the “experience” be on a sliding scale? Do ugly older women have to pay more and young beautiful women get a different kind of “experience?” Do you serve breakfast in bed?


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